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Dr. Avi Nov Law Offices is one of the leading law offices in Israel that specializes in Israeli tax law and international taxation. Dr. Nov’s tax law practice focuses on Israeli and international taxation, including, inter alia, Tax incentives for foreign residents; tax breaks for new immigrants and returning residents; taxation of trusts.

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Dr. Nov is a lecturer (Israeli tax law) at various law schools. Dr. Nov frequently contributes to and is interviewed by the leading financial press in Israel, such as TheMarker and Globes, and is the author of over 40 articles published in leading tax journals on Israeli tax law and international taxation. He advised the Israeli Minster of Finance office on various issues of Israeli tax law, international taxation and tax policy , including the tax incentives for new immigrants and returning residents. In 2008 he published his book: "Taxation of International Transactions" (in Hebrew).

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