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The following links contain interviews with Dr. Avi Nov with the press on various Israeli tax issues including tax planning, tax havens and other related issues

Returning to Zion, loaded with tax-free cash, Times of Israel, February 15, 2017.
Immigrants, Offshore Firms to Face Stiffer Scrutiny Under Tax ReformsTheMarker, August 4, 2016
New Immigrants to Israel May Have to Declare Foreign Assets, TheMarker, August 19, 2015
Los nuevos inmigrantes a Israel podrían tener que declarar su patrimonio, Aurora, August 19, 2015 (translated to Spanish from TheMarker)
Israeli tax expert sheds light on issues, Jewish Report South Africa, Jun 10, 2015
Israeli Swiss bank tax evasion investigation widens, Globes, December 9, 2014 
Bitcoin makes aliyah: Cryptocurrency finds Israeli fans, JTA, June 12, 2014
Israel Bonds registered in tax haven, Globes, February 24, 2014
On ira tous au paradis, Tribune Juive, February 24, 2014 
Tax Havens, Interview on TLV1 Radio, The Cost of Doing Business, January 20, 2014 
Move to London could save taxesTheMarker, April 9, 2013 

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